"Onibaba" - The Weirdest Japanese Movie You've Never Seen (?? - ????)
"Onibaba" - The Weirdest Japanese Movie You've Never Seen (?? - ????)
 May 12 2022    08:02 AM
Shindo Kaneto's weird sex/ horror/ samurai drama "Onibaba" quite literally defies description in its tale of a mother and daughter-in-law who kill samurai to sell their armor so they can eat. Into this mix comes a sexy neighbor who disrupts things... but ghostly consequences result. Part of the 60's New Japan CInema movement that was a reaction to the exoticism of Kurosawa and Ozu. Want to know more about digital media educational opportunities, upcoming events, and jobs? Please visit our informal facebook page at http://facebook.com/ictdmla Want to know more about the jobs picture in the entertainment industry? See the LA Economic Development Corporation report on jobs in the digital arts. http://laedc.org/2018/02/08/report-ccw-dme/ Like and subscribe!  
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